Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>1882 Chiricahua Apache
Subject: warrior
Culture: Chiricahua Apache
Setting: US-Apache wars, American Southwest 1854-1886
Object: costume


* Paterek 1994 p157
"Men wore a cloth headband tied in the front.  A famous Chiricahua headdress was made of fur and curved antelope horns with long locks of human hair hanging at the back; it was used both as a war cap and as an item of ceremonial dress.  In the nineteenth century the men adopted Anglo or Mexican hats."


* Paterek 1994 p157
"Necklaces were made of long strings of shells, colored Mexican-bean beads, fetishes, of commercial beads, sometimes finished off with a star pendant, or they were of the choker type made of hair pipe beads.  Abalone shells from the Pacific coast made attractive earrings.  Some men sported a bear-claw necklace, but not necessarily of grizzly-bear claws."



* Paterek 1994 p157
"From the simple two-piece soft-soled moccasin with the separate skin leggings of the early days evolved the Apache legging/moccasin with the turned-up toes; some had the elevated disks at the toes, like the moccasin of the Western Apache, and many had a beaded strip around the bottom edge.  The soft legging top, thigh-length, often painted, was gartered at the knee, was frequently fastened with thongs about the ankel, and could be folded down to form a pocket for carrying necessary items, such as paints or a knife.  The rawhide soles were sometimes tanned with the hair left on for extra padding and warmth."