Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>neo-traditional Western
Subject: cowboy
Culture: white American
Setting: country/western
Object: costume

Palace of Wax > Ripley's Believe It or Not! *
"Roy Rogers  One of the few 'Kings of the Cowboys', this typical authentic costume was worn by Roy Rogers. He is best known for his television theme song 'Happy Trails', which was written by his wife Dale Evans.  Star of more than 90 feature-length Westerns and more than 100 half-hour T.V. shows, Rogers remains one of the most beloved figures in show business."

* Fort Worth Museum of Science and History > Cattle Raisers Museum
"W. R. Watt  In 1947 this Bohlin silver saddle and accessories were presented to W. R. (Billy Bob) Watt by Amon Carter, in appreciation of his outstanding service and fine contribution to the institution[']s success.  Mr. Watt was born in Longview, Texas and at the turn of the Twentieth Century, he moved with his family to Fort Worth.  His interest in cattle and ranching began in 1938 and continued throughout the rest of his life.  He was named as a director of the Southwestern Exposition in 1945, elected president the following year and served in that capacity until 1950 when he became president-manager.  He held the dual post for 23 years and continued on as President until 1977.  He was honorary vice-president of the American Livestock Show and Rodeo Managers' Association.
Saddle, breast collar, bridle, saddle pad, 1947  Leather, Silver, Wool  Made by Edward Bohlin ...
Hat, 1947  Worn by W.R. Watt, Sr.  Beaver  Made by Resistol ...
Chaps, gloves, vest, 1947  Worn by W.R. Watt, Sr.  Leather, Silver  Made by  Edward Bohlin ..."

​* Ely Cattleman
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