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>Costume Studies
>>1863 Confederate cavalry

Subject: volunteer cavalry trooper / raider
Culture: Confederate / American Southerner
Setting: American Civil War, United States 1861-1865
Object: saber

* Museum of the Confederacy > Between the Battles
"... 'We hesitated not a moment, but with drawn sabre and pistol we dashed among them.' -- John Opie, 6th Virginia Cavalry" ...

* Museum of the Confederacy > Between the Battles
"Confederate manufactured cavalry saber  ...  
This saber is based on the U.S. cavalry sabers used at the time, though it is cruder in design and construction."
"British Pattern 1853 cavalry saber  
Thousands of these sabers were imported from Great Britain and run through the blockade to ports such as Wilmington, North Carolina."

* Museum of the Confederacy > The Confederate Years
"Cavalry Saber made by unknown Confederate manufacturer  
Although Lieutenant William B. Forman served with the 6th Florida Infantry, he carried this cavalry saber; not an uncommon practice amongst infantry officers."

* Virginia War Museum > America and War
​"Confederate Officer's Cavalry Saber, Sharp & Hamilton (Nashville Plow Works), c. 1861-62.  Prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, the Tennessee firm of Sharp & Hamilton manufactured farming implements under the trade name of Nashville Plow Works.  With the coming of war, they began to manufacture cavalry sabers for use by officers, producing an undetermined quantity prior to the fall of Nashville to Union troops on April 1, 1862.  The proprietors of the Nashville Plow Works were then jailed and charged with treason." ...

* Soldiers and Sailors Military Museum and Memorial
Similar to the U.S. Model 1860, it is lighter and not as finely finished as its Union counterpart."

* Windlass Steelcrafts #500006
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​* Texas Civil War Museum

​*Chisolm Trail Outdoor Museum