Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>1838 Iban penyamun
Subjectpenyamun pirate / headhunting warrior
Culture: Iban / Sea Dayak
Setting: piracy, tribal warfare, Sarawak early-mid-19thc
Object: jewelry


* Fair 2012 ed. p36 (Richard Tenaza, "Deadly demand" p36)
You might not want to buy one, but artefacts such as these skulls ... have been sold in curio shops and department stores in Malaysia and Indonesia for many years.  In the past this trade had little impact on wildlife, but increasing numbers of skulls are needed to feed demand in tourist areas such as Bali ....  Vendors there say US and European buyers arrive periodically to purchase large quantities, though the high-volume trade is largely clandestine.   Such demand may be leading to endangered proboscis monkeys and orangutans being killed."