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>Costume Studies
>>1838 Iban penyamun
Subjectpenyamun pirate / headhunting warrior
Culture: Iban / Sea Dayak
Setting: piracy, tribal warfare, Sarawak early-mid-19thc
Objectsumpit blowpipe and accessories

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* American Museum of Natural History > Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples

* Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
"Blowpipe Quiver with Poisoned Darts  bamboo, rattan, wood, sago palm leaf rib, wood pith  Borneo, Sarawak
Blowpipe darts are made from the ribs of wild sago palm leaves.  The pith heads on the ends of the darts are formed using a special tool, and are made to fit snugly in the bore of the blowpipe.  The formula for dart poison has been a highly guarded secret for many believe that if the ingredients are spoken outloud [sic] the poison will lose its potency.  The contral [sic] ingredient is the milky sap from the tree Antiaris [t]oxicaria.
"The quiver for the blowpipe darts is made from a single node of bamboo." ...

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​* Tarrant County College - Northeast > Bell Library
"Bamboo Container for Blow Gun Darts
Borneo" ...

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