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>Costume Studies
>>1836 Comanche lobo
Subjectlobo 'wolf' warrior
CultureComanche, Kiowa
Setting: frontier raids and warfare, Comancheria/Texas/Mexico 1836-1874
Object: costume

* Doss Center > Native Americans
"The Plains Indian Man  Plains Indian men were responsible for hunting wild game for food, trading (and sometimes stealing) horses and when  necessary, making war.  The men began training early with the knife, bow and arrow, lance and war club and became excellent horsemen.
    "Men wore their hair long and decorated it with otter pelts and beads.  They painted their faces and scalp with red paint for everyday or with broad black stripes in times of war.  Their buckskin clothing and moccasins included fringe to symbolically hide their tracks when dismounted."

* Frontier Texas!