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>Costume Studies
>>1585 Spanish caballero
>>>>primary sources
Subjectcaballero knight
Culture: Hapsburg Spanish
Setting: Dutch, Ottoman wars, mid 16th-early 17thc

* National Gallery of Art > West Building
"Saint Martin and the Beggar
oil on canvas, 1600/1614
(Domenikos Theotokopoulos)" ...

* Meadows Museum > Building on the Boulevard
"ANTHONIS MOR (1517-1576)
Portrait of Alessandro Farnese, 1561
Oil on canvas ...
In just more than two years spent at the Spanish court, from 1559 to 1562, the acclaimed Flemish painter Anthonis Mor succeeded in establishing a certain code for Spanish Habsburg portraiture.  This code, which served above all to convey the majesty and social distinction of the sitter, is evident in Mor's likeness of Alessandro Farnese.  A grandson of the Emperor Charles V, Alessandro resided from 1559 to 1565 at the Spanish court, where this portrait was painted.  Standing wide-legged, in three-quarter view, Alessandro possesses a nascent air of authority appropriate to his future position as governor-general of the Netherlands from 1578 to 1592.  His half-armor and sword indicate his social status as Duke of Parma, while the low placement of his hands, resting on his sword's hilt and armor, respectively, are meant to convey the calm detachment both nobility and royalty were to assume.  Typical of Mor's work are the closely observed physiognomy and the cold, brilliant light used to isolate the figure against a dark ground and illuminate his parade armor with dazzling exactitude."

* Meadows Museum >Building on the Boulevard
Portrait of the Archduke Albert
c. 1600
Oil on canvas" ...