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>Costume Studies
>>1403 German Raubritter
SubjectRaubritter 'robber knight'
Culture: Imperial German
Setting: knightly leagues, Holy Roman Empire late 14-15thc
ObjectKlappvisier helmet

​Royal Armouries Museum > War Gallery *
"Bacinet  German or Italian, about 1380  This bacinet has a detachable visor of 'hounskull' form, 
so-called because of its similarity to a dog's head.  It is attached to the skull of the helmet by a hinge at the brow.  
The holes at the lower edge of the skull are for the attachment of a  mail neck-defence."

* Higgins Armory Museum > World of Knights
"Basinet helm with 'dog-faced' visor and aventail (mail hood),
Probably Germany  Steel; iron; modern leather, cord and restorations
Weight: 6 lbs. 2 oz." ...