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>>1403 German Raubritter
SubjectRaubritter 'robber knight'
Culture: Imperial German
Setting: knightly leagues, Holy Roman Empire late 14-15thc
Object: armor

* Royal Armouries Museum > War Gallery
"Mail shirt or habergeon  Isrenloen (Iserlohn), Germany, early 15th century  One of the finest mail shirts in existence, this is made of riveted iron rings, with two rows of decorative brass rings around its lower border. A single brass ring, beneath the right arm, is stamped with characters, possibly representing a form of Angleus, a devotional prayer.
    "Two brass rings near the neck bear the name of the maker BERTOLT VOR PARTE and its place of manufacture, ISRENLOEN. Two makers named Bertolt voe de west Parten, probably father and son, worked in Iserlohn, between 1391 and 1447."