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>Costume Studies
>>1356 English knight
Subject: knight
Culture: Plantagenet English, French
Setting: early Hundred Years War, France mid-late 14thc
Object: sword of war

* Hanwei #SH2033
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* Royal Armouries Museujm > War Gallery
"'Bastard' or hand-and-a-half sword  European, late 14th-early 15th century  Swords with longer grips that could be wielded with one hand or two were known as 'bastard swords'.  They could be used as cut and thrust weapons and posed a threat to mail and plate armour.  Similar swords appear on many English brasses and effigies of knights between about 1370-1425."

​Royal Armouries Museum > War Gallery *
"Arming sword  European, late 14th century  The two-edged blade of this sword tapers to an acute point.
  As plate armour developed to cover most of the body stiff blades evolved with needle-like points.
  This enabled the sword to be thrust towards an opponent, seeking out any gaps in the plate armour, such as the armpits."

Royal Armouries Museum > War Gallery *
"Hand-and-a-half sword  European, 14th century  The sword has a heavy pommel with a raised centre.
  The pommel of a sword helps balance the weight of the blade.  The very broad blade is primarily for cutting with.
  Swords, with longer grips were used in close combat and for opening up enemy ranks."