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>Costume Studies
>>1342 Majapahit warrior
Subject: warrior
Culture: Javanese
Setting: Majapahit empire, Indonesia 14-15thc




* Elgood 2004 p252
"Krīs (Malay kěris) A dagger.  A variety of forms exist from south-east Asia though there is debate about the date when the design started and where.  'The earliest dated krīs is reported to bear a śaka date equivalent to AD1342 on the blade.'  It has been argued that the weapon evolved pre-fourteenth century in Java following the Hindu conquest but in the tenth century Abū Zayd al-Sirafī described how in Sarandib gangs of al-Hind kidnapped wealthy merchants at the ports with their uniquely made sharp krīs.  A stone tryptych at the mid-fourteenth century Hindu temple at Sukuh portrays a god forging a krīs and is claimed as the earliest sculptural representation of the weapon."

* Stone 1934 p546
"SELI-BESI.  'Iron kris,' probably the Majapahit kris with an iron hilt forged in one piece with the blade." [refernce omitted]