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>Costume Studies
>>1279 Yuan cavalry
Subject: cavalry
Culture: Sino-Mongolian
Setting: Yuan empire Central Asia/China 13-14thc
Evolution1234 Mongol ba'adur > 1279 Yuan cavalry

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)

* Haskew/Jörgensen/McNab/Niderost,/Rice 2008 p85 (reconstructing a Yuan period Chinese cavalryman, 1280)
"The peak of Mongol efficiency and professionalism was reached by their cavalry during the Sino-Mongol Yuan empire and especially during the reign of Kublai Khan.  Their equipment was a major improvement on the past, with regular, elegant uniforms in the Chinese fashion."


* Peers/Sque 1992 p43 (reconstructing a Chinese cavalryman, c.1260)
"The fabric covering of the armour conceals riveted iron plates.  Shoulder pieces ... could be added ...."  


* Peers/Sque 1992 p43 (reconstructing a Chinese cavalryman, c. 1260)
"Cavalry shields are described in manuals as round and made of ox-hide, but are rarely shown in art and were probably not widely used in East Asia."