Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>Black Tie formal
Subject: gentleman in black tie
Culture: international formal
Setting: evening formal
Object: black tie = tuxedo/dinner jacket, bowtie, pleated shirt, trousers


​Manchester Art Gallery > Dandy Style: 250 Years of Men's Fashion *
"Black cotton velvet evening suit, with frogging  1971  Labelled: Blades
This suit was the selected men's outfit for the Fashion Museum Bath's Dress of the Year in 1971.  It was chosen by Patrick, Earl of Litchfield, who commented that it combined 'classical elegance with modern design' and that it would still be fashionable 30 years later.  During the 1960s, military-style braiding returned to fashion for the peacock male generation as, indeed, did actual uniform jackets and suits.  Blades was owned by Rupert Lycett-Green and opened premises in Burlington Gardens, London in 1965.  By 1969 the Times could declare 'there is nothing in all London as elegant and as wearable as the simple Blades suit.'  This suit looked to reinvent formal evening wear in a more playful and imaginative mode."

* Men's Warehouse
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​* cf. 
1929 Chicago mafioso costume