Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>East Coast hip hop
Subject: hip hop gangsta
Culture: urban black American
Setting: East Coast America 1990s and after

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)



* Piazza 2017 p41
"The East Coast version of the same genre [West Coast gangsta hip hop] witnessed a development of styles with Mafia overtones, which was greatly influenced by the 1983 movie Scarface.  Clothing included pinstripe double-breasted suits, two-tone or crocodile shoes, and a walking stick with a carved silver knob.  The style was inspired by the gangsters of the Prohibition era, and the vintage chic version is what hip hop mogul Sean Combs has dubbed 'ghetto fabulous' fashion."

* Natapoff 2009 p


* Netshiheni 2013-02-08 online
"It’s regarded as one of the most iconic pieces of Hip Hop jewellery in the world and has since been a symbol of religion/spirituality for those involved in a world of cruelty and 'gangster' lifestyles. Now the reason why most headz recognize the iconic Jesus Piece so well may be that it has been seen around the necks of your favourite stars. However only a few actually know about the origins and history of it but, through looking down a simple timeline, you will realise that this Holy Bling has been around longer than you thought."

​* Barnett online
"Designed by Tito the Jeweler, Biggie's massive Jesus piece was the last chain he ever wore. It would turn into a good luck charm of sorts, worn by both Jay-Z and Lil Kim during the creation of their iconic albums of that era. Since his passing, the Jesus piece has arguably become the most popular pendant of all time."