Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
Subject: Deadpool
Culture: American comics fandom
Setting: Marvel Comics

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)

* Misiroglu/Eury eds. 2006 p90
​"Presumably Marvel Comics' anti-hero Deadpool derived his name from Clint Eastwood's final Dirty Harry movie, The Dead Pool (1988).  But Eastwood's Harry Callahan is a police officer who harshly metes out justice and is a man of severe demeanor and few words.  Deadpool, on the other hand, is a mercenary who operates outside the law and has a manic personality, continually rattling off stream-of-consciousness repartee.  In this respect Deadpool is like an outlaw Spider-Man on speed, and they even wear similar costumes.  Deadpool is often called 'the Merc with a Mouth."
    "Created by artist Rob Liefeld and scripter Fabian Nicienza in New Mutants #98 (1991), Deadpool was originally presented as a villain who battled Cable, the original X-Force, and Wolverine.  Probably due to his wild sense of humor and panache, Deadpool became so popular that he starred in his own comics miniseries (Deadpool: The Circle Chase, 1993, and Deadpool, 1994), and graduated to his own villain who evolves into a hero, or, in his case, anti-hero with emotional depth beneath his banter.  Though he remained an outlaw, Deadpool's stories pit him against considerably more evil opponents."