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>Costume Studies
>>Darth Vader
SubjectDarth Vader
Culture: American sci-fi fandom
Setting: Star Wars
Object: costume merchandise

​​Holocron Toy Store *

​* Fort Worth Museum of Science and History > Star Wars: The Exhibit

Kohl's *
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​Royal Armouries Museum > Make: Believe *
"Darth Vader helmet (replica)
The creative team behind the Darth Vader helmet found inspiration in different historical helmets.
  The Japanese kabuto inspired concept artist Ralph McQuarrie,
 while costume designer John Molio focussed [SIC] on German helmets (stahlhelm [SIC]). 
  Armourer Terry English also drew a design inspired by the medieval sallet before moving to another project.  
Replica produced by Andrew Ainsworth, 2019  Status: Prop replica  Materials: Moulded plastic" ...

​* Arm the Animals
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