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Critical Thinking Statements


* Maliszewski 1996 p14
"An overwhelming majority of writings dealing strictly with the martial arts are of poor academic quality.  Those works concerned with the history of martial arts are generally uncritical in their treatment and poorly referenced. ... Articles appearing in various commercial magazines may contain information of a historical, technique-oriented, or philosophical focus, but are generally even more limited and superficial than material that appears in book format.  These articles are in direct contrast to many writings that appear in established academic disciplines such as anthropology, history of religions, or South Asian studies, that are of superior scholarship." [references omitted]

* Mithen 2003 pxi
"The popularising of archaeology on TV and in many recent books often adopts a condescending attitude to its viewers and readers, providing superficial and inaccurate accounts of our past.  Conversely, many of prehistory's most remarkable events remain hidden from all but a few academics and specialist readers in scholarly works of impenetrable and jargon-laden prose."

* Steele, Valerie Fashion Theory Aims and Scope 
"[T]he study of fashion has, until recently, suffered from a lack of critical analysis."