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Culture: Fetish / BDSM
Setting: dungeon
Object: whips

Riding Crop

* Brame, Brame, & Jacobs 1993 p264
"Crop, or Riding Crop: Used in horse training; the crop has as long sturdy handle that holds a flexible, narrow shaft usually covered with braided nylon or leather."

* Wiseman 2004 p264
"La fusta es un excelente juegete de flagelación.  Podéis usarlo para administrar el espectro completo de golpes, desde el más suave hasta el más fuerte, y casi en cualquier parte del cuerpo.  Una fusta cuesta poco, dura años, es sexy y puede localizar o distribuir la fuerza del golpe.
    "Las fustas emiten un siniestro restallido a medida que cortan el aire y tienen un sonido muy particular cuando se estrellan contra la carne del sumiso, características que forman parte de su attractivo."

* Fetish 2007 p100
"A long, flexible handle and one or two short whipping strands make the riding crop a formidable flogger in the right hands.  Crops are made of fiberglass rods or canes bound in leather and were originally used in horseback riding -- although servants, grooms, children, and even husbands/wives may well have received a lashing for bad behavior from the master/mistress of teh house back in the good old days.  
    "The symbol of a riding crop in BDSM is a strong one: it reminds the slave that they're little more than an animal in their owner's hands. 
    "Riding crops are best used on the back, buttocks, and legs for those who want something to show for their suffering[;] crops leave satisfying red stripes on the flesh."

Cat O' Nine Tails

* Brame, Brame, & Jacobs 1993 p264
Cat-o'-Nine-Tails: Familiarly known as a 'cat,' this tool has a sturdy handle from which dangle 'tails' (thongs) of varying lengths and densities.  Materials include silk, deerskin, nylon, leather laces, and rubber.  Real felines may have nine lives, but the contemporary versions of these whips seldom have nine thongs."

* Fetish 2007 p101
"Specially developed by the British Navy to keep its naughty sailors under control, the 'cat,' rather than having one long flogger, like most other whips, has many short ones (traditionally, nine).  Because the strands are short, floggers are much easier to control than whips.  They also strike a wider area and are less prone to leaving red stripes on the skin."


* Fetish 2007 p101
​"The undisputed king of the whips.  Bullwhips are highly versatile and make a satisfying crack, which in itself can be a turn-on for the user and recipient.  They vary according to the rigidity of their handle and the length of the body or thong.  (Shorter bullwhips are much easier to control in confined spaces.)  Any bullwhip does, however, demand that the user knows what he or she is doing; there is every chance that some serious harm can be unwittingly inflicted in the wrong hands."