Forensic Fashion
(c) 2006-present R. Macaraeg


>Costume Studies
>>Fetish subculture

Subject: cenobite
Culture: Fetish / BDSM
Setting: dungeon
Object: costume


* Fetish 2007 p103
"A full latex mask -- shiny, severe, and stretched tightly over the head -- gives total anonymity to the wearer.  By removing all facial expressions a mask is a powerful way of de-humanizing the wearer -- both for those who want to get lost in animal play or add a sense of menace to the one in control."


* Fetish 2007 p112
"[T]ight, shiny, figure-hugging materials such as rubber, leather, and PVC dominate the fetish world and still account for the majority of the clothing worn on the scene. ... Even nost non-fetishists will admit to the allure of seeing their partner in something tight, black, shiny, and slinky.  Almost every conceivable item of clothing can be purchased now in rubber, leather, or PVC, although many fetishists still have their clothes specially made to cater for specific kinks and desires."

* Leather jackets 1997 p44
"Leather jackets have been central to skin and bondage fetishism, straight and gay, from the Sixties softcore send-ups like The Avengers, the high camp Modesty Blaise and Marianne Faithfull's Girl On A Motorcycle, to the real thing in S&M society everywhere."