Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>11,300 BP Nenana
Subject: hunter-gatherer
Culture: Nenana
Setting: Alaska 11,300 - 11,000 BP


* Adovasio & Page 2002 p261
"The Nenana complex is defined entirely by lithic material, there being few or no organic tool remains.  In all, the complex consists of points, knives, scrapers, perforators, hammers, anvils, and so forth.  Radiocarbon dates came in averaging 11,300 B.P. and ranging from 11,800 to 11,000 B.P.
"In other Nenana sites discovered later, such as one in the Tanana River valley, it became clear that these people had enjoyed a diet of cranes, ducks, swans, geese, beaver, squirrel, bison, caribou, and maybe even elk.  Broken mammoth bones were also found, but it is not clear that mammoths actually lived there among the Nenana people or that they hunted and ate them."