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>>490BC Class.Greek hoplites
Subject: ὁπλίτης heavy infantry hoplite 
Culture: Classical Greek
Setting: late Archaic, Persian wars, Aegean 7th-5thc BC
Object: ὅπλον, ἀσπίς shield

* Museum of Fine Arts > Art of the Ancient World
"Shield  Greece  Archaic period, about 550-500 B.C.  Bronze (over a modern-day wooden core)
The Greek shield (hoplon) was made of wood with bronze attached.  The foot soldier (hoplite) would have put his forearm through a large central bronze loop and grasped a leather strap running through small bronze loops." ...

​Royal Ontario Museum > Bronze Age Aegean *
"Outer face of Parthenos Shield: Battle of Greeks and Amazons"

* Windlass Steelcrafts #881025
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