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>Costume Studies
>>490BC Greek hoplites
Subject: ὁπλίτης heavy infantry hoplite 
Culture: Classical Greek
Setting: late Archaic, Persian wars, Aegean 7th-5thc BC

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* Morris 1985 p198-200
"The present-day view of the buttocks as a joke region of the body was not shared by early Greeks.  To them it was an unusually beautiful part of the anatomy, partly because of its pleasing curvature but also because it made a powerful contrast with the animal rump of apes and monkeys.  The human hemispheres were so different from the tough patches of hardened skin (the ischial callosities) on the lean-bottomed ape, that the Greeks saw them, quite correctly, as supremely human and non-bestial.  The curvaceous Goddess of Love, Aphrodite Kallipygos -- literally the 'Goddess with Beautiful Buttocks' -- was said to have a behind more aesthetically pleasing than any other part of her anatomy.  It was so revered that a temple was built in its honour -- thereby making the buttocks the only part of the human body so honoured."