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>>3200BC Naqada priest
Subject: priest
Culture: Naqada / Pre-Dynastic Egyptian
Setting: Late Neolithic, Egypt 3400-3100 BC
Object: knife

* Brooklyn Museum > Egypt
"Ritual Knife  Elephant ivory, flint  Predynastic Period, Naqada III, circa 3300-3100 B.C.  From Abu Zaidan ...
"The ivory handle of this superbly crafted knife includes a thumbrest for a right-handed user.  Carved rows of miniscule animals -- including elephants, lions, a giraffe, and sheep -- cover both surfaces of the handle.  An artisan polished the flint blade on one side and delicately flaked the other to make a cutting edge."

* Royal Ontario Museum > Gallery of Africa -- Egypt

* Lithic Casting Lab
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* Museum of Fine Arts > Art of the Ancient World
"Ripple-flaked knife
Egypt (said to be from Naqada)
About 3850-3650 BC [SIC]
Flint  ..."