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>>305BC Mauryan senapati
Subjectsenāpati general
Culture: Magadhan
Setting: Mauryan empire, northern India late 4th-3rdc BC

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)

* Basham 1967 p133
"According to Megasthenes the Mauryan army was organized under a committee of thirty, divided into sub-committees which controlled the corps of infantry, cavalry chariots, elephants, navy, and commissariat.  This system seems to be modeled on Megasthenes' description of the city government of Pātaliputra, and is not confirmed by any other source.  The Arthaśāstra describes the army as organized under a number of superintendents, with a general (senāpati) at the head of all military affairs.  ...  The general was always a very important figure in the realm, and often a member of the royal family.  He took orders direct from the king, who was expected to take command in major engagements, even when aged.