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>>225BC Celtic gaesata
Subjectgaesata mercenary spearman
Culture: Gallic Celt
Setting: middle La Tène period, southern Europe / Anatolia 4th-1stcBC
Object: Montefortino helmet

* Higgins Armory Museum > Ancient Arms and Armor
"Type A 'Montefortino' helmet, about 400-200 B.C.E.  Italian Peninsula  Bronze; iron  Weight: 4 lb. 4 oz. ...
The Montefortino style of helmet originated among the Celtic people of Gaul (modern France).  Tribes of Celts invaded Italy after 400 B.C.E., sacking Rome around 390.
​    "Native Italians were quick to adopt the military styles of the conquerors.  By the time of the Punic Wars against Carthage in the 200s, the Montefortino helmet had become standard equipment for soldiers of the Roman republic.
​    "The fine workmanship and delicate decoration on this helmet suggest it is an early example of the Montefortino style, but it is impossible to be sure whether it was made by a Celt, Roman, or Etruscan."
Deepeeka *
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* Museo Nacional de Antropología
Necrópolis de Toya (Peal de Becerro, Jaén)  Edad del Hierro, Ibérico (siglos III-II a.C.)"
​Allard Pierson Museum > Romeinse Wereld *
"Pothelm.  Brons, Italiё, 4e eeuw n. Chr." ...

"Helm met wangkleppen.  Brons, Italiё, 4e eeuw n. Chr." ...