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>>2055BC Mid.K. nakhtu-aa
Subjectnakhtu-aa 'strong-of-arm' heavy infantry
Culture: Middle Kingdom Egyptian
Setting: imperial warfare, Egypt 2055-1650 BC
Object: axe

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* Higgins Armory Museum > Ancient Arms and Armor
"Axe, 2040-1786 B.C.E.  
Egypt (Middle Kingdom period)  
Bronze; wood; leather  
Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz. ...
Ancient Egypt was relatively slow to adopt bronze.  The pyramids were built mostly with stone-based technology.  This axe was made a few hundred years later, at the early stages of bronzeworking in Egypt.  Notice how the blade is tied to the shaft -- the same way you attach a stone axe.  As metalworking developed, the Egyptians learned to make the blade with a socket instead.

* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Egypt