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>>1458BC NKEg. nakhtuu-aa
Subjectnakhtu-aa heavy infantryman
Culture: New Kingdom Egyptian
Setting: imperial warfare, Egypt 1570-1085BC
Object: dagger

* Royal Ontario Museum > Gallery of Africa -- Egypt

* Brooklyn Museum > Egyptian Art
Bronze (gilded), ivory, and ebony   
New Kingdom, 
Dynasty 18, 
circa 1539-1292 B.C."

* Brooklyn Museum > Egyptian Art
New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten-Tutankhaten (circa 1352-1329 B.C.)  
From El Amarna (House U.35.18); excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society in 1928-29"

New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, circa 1539-1292 B.C."

* Carnegie Museum of Natural History > Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt
This dagger handle's upper part depicts two falcons heads in opposition.  Carved in the handle's center is a rudimentary human face consisting of two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.  This image represents a generic Egyptian enemy.  Its placement on the hilt allowed the owner, when drawing the blade, to crush symbolically Egypt's enemies.
New Kingdom? (ca. 1539-1080 B.C.) 
Provenience [SIC] unknown"

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