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>Costume Studies
>>1200BC Mycenae. infantry
Subject: heavy infantryman
Culture: Achaean/late Mycenaean
Setting: Late Helladic, Aegean late 2nd millennium BC
Object: sword

* Higgins Armory Museum > Story of the Sword
"Sword, about 1200 B.C.E.  Mycenaean Greece
Bronze  Weight: 1 lb. 5.5 oz." ...
This sword is roughly contemporary with the Trojan War.  The Mycenaean culture commemorated by Homer was dominated aristocratic warriors [SIC], carrying bronze weapons like this one.  Mycenaean warrior-aristocrats were driven into battle in chariots, sometimes fighting from them, and sometimes dismounting to fight on foot, first casting spears at each other and then engaging with swords."

* Deepeeka #AH2103N
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