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>Costume Studies
>>1200BC Mycenae. infantry
Subjectheavy infantryman
Culture: Achaean/late Mycenaean
Setting: Late Helladic, Aegean late 2nd millennium BC

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Primary Sources

* Snodgrass 1999 p33
"We can best sum up the developments in warfare in these years by returning once again to the Warrior Vase found in Mycenae and dating to its last days.  The figures on the vase are plain and unheroic; their armament is far from magnificence.  But they are organized forces, in uniform equipment.  The men on the reverse side have their spears raised, on the point of joining battle, but they are in step and move in unison.  There could be no clearer portrayal of the change from the excessive individual splendour of the Shaft-grave princes to a standardized army.  It is in some such array that we should imagine the Mycenaeans taking the field in the various wars of which we hear, in contemporary documents or in tradition, in the latter part of the thirteenth century."​

Secondary Sources


​Field Notes

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