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>>878 Anglo-Saxon thegn
Subjectthegn noble
Culture: Anglo-Saxon
Setting: Viking wars, England 9-10thc
Object: gudhelm helmet

Yorkshire Museum > Medieval York: Capital of the North *
"The York Helmet is a spectacular piece of Anglian artistry and engineering.  Helmets of this period are incredibly rare and the York Helmet is the best surviving example in Europe.
    "It was expertly and meticulously crafted using iron and brass.  The nosepiece is beautifully decorated with intertwined animals.  A Latin inscription across the top of the helmet dedicates it to God and appeals for protection for the wearer.  The protective neck mail contains over 2,000 tiny interlocking rings, each made by hand.  It is testament to the skill and ingenuity of Anglian craftspeople.
"This unique object even bears the inscribed name of its owner, OSHERE, which can be read above the nose guard.  The name may translate as 'Warrior of the Royal House of Os'.  Oshere was probably a member of the Northumbrian royal family who were the most powerful dynasty in England at the time.
"The helmet is proof of the immense wealth and power of Britain's ruling classes in the eighth century.  It was undoubtedly a prized possession for the owner, showing off their riches and military strength.
The York Helmet (iron and copper alloy)  Coppergate, York  ...  AD 750-775 (Anglian)"

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