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>>800 Carolingian schola
Subject: schola heavy cavalry
Culture: Frankish
Setting: Carolingian empire, western Europe 8th-9thc
Object: sword

* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
"Sword  Iron, Silver, and copper alloy  Germanic or Scandinavian, 850-900  3lbs. 5 oz. (1490 g)
The outstanding quality, complexity, and condition of the inlaid silver decoration, combined with an exceptionally strong and well-proportioned blade, make this sword one of the finest examples of its type to survive from the Viking era.  The gently tapering double-edged blade is inlaid in iron with the name +VLFBERHT+, indicating that it was made or inspired by the swordsmith Ulfberht, who is thought to have worked in the Middle Rhine region of Germany, and whose blade-making style and signature were emulated by other craftsmen for generations."

"Sword  Iron, copper, silver, niello  European (probably Scandinavia), 10th century
The skillfully decorated hilt and pattern-welded blade indicate that this sword was carried by a warrior of high rank, perhaps a Viking chieftain or a Frankish nobleman.  The braided copper wires on the pommel may represent an earlier Scandinavian custom of tying a talisman to a sword hilt.  The pattern-welded blade was forged of intertwined rods of steel and iron, a technique that produced a tough, resilient blade with a distinctive swirling pattern on its surface."