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>Costume Studies
>>793 Viking hersir
Subjecthersir sea raider
Culture: Scandinavian / Norse
Setting: Viking Age, northern Europe 8th-10thc
Objecthriflingr footwear

​National Museum of Ireland -- Archaeology > Viking Ireland *
"Leather shoe Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim" ...
"Leather shoe Near Leitrim, Co. Leitrim" ...

* Museum Replicas Ltd.
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* Yorkshire Museum > Medieval York: Capital of the North
"York's Viking residents wore leather shoes and boots of turnshoe construction.  They were made by professional shoemakers.  Leather was cut to shape and then moulded and stitched together inside out on a wooden foot-shaped block called a last.  It was then turned the right way round so that the seams were on the inside.
Leather boot with bone toggle  High Ousegate, York  ...  Wooden last  Pavement, York  ...  Leather shoe  Coppergate, York  ...
AD 866-1066 (Vikings)"​