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>>793 Viking hersir

Subjecthersir sea raider
Culture: Scandinavian / Norse
Setting: Viking Age, northern Europe 8th-10thc

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* Ellacott 1965 p64-65
​"Among the Vikings there was an extraordinary degree of personal vanity.  The young warrior was proud of his sword, his helmet and mail shirt, his scarlet cloak, and his long facial hair.  No man was a man until he had ventured out to blood his sword on a piratical voyage.  In fact, a young, fit man who stayed home was derided even by the girls, who were tall and strong like the Spartan girls of the classical age.  It was not unknown for a girl to arm at all points, like a man, and take a man's place on a raiding longship."

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1. Del Tin #2103A
2. Hanwei Tinker #SH2408