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>>69 Jul.-Cl. Roman miles
Subjectmiles heavy infantry legionary
Culture: imperial Roman
Setting: Julio-Claudian/Flavian dynasties, early Roman empire 27BC-AD96
Objectlorica 'segmentata' armor

​Hunterian Museum *

​* Royal Armouries Museum > War Gallery
"Lorica segmentata  Lorica segmentata is a modern name in Latin for the type of body armour made of iron plates joined together by internal leathers that was used by legionaries from the beginning of the 1st century AD to about 250 AD.  The armour developed over its years in military service, and different types are named after their archaeological find sites.
    "This model by Gordon Pollard is of a Newstead type lorica segmentata, used from the mid 2nd century to the early 3rd century AD, and was presented to the Royal Armouries in 2003.  This type is most characteristic of the imperial Roman legionary.  It is depicted being worn by all the legionaries on Trajan's column despite good contemporary evidence that they wore a variety of armour of mail and scale as well as this type."