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>>654 Visigoth comes
Subjectcomes noble warrior
Culture: Visigoth
Setting: Visigothic kingdom, Iberia 5th-7thc
Evolution378 Goth cavalry > 654 Visigoth comes

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)

* Daugherty 2010 p190-191
"Under their king Alaric I, the Visigoths advanced into Italia and succeeded in sacking Rome.  The Western Roman capital was at that time in Ravenna, but all the same this act had great symbolic significance.  The Visigoths then settled in Gaul as part of a new agreement with Rome.  The Visigothic kingdom in Gaul grew into a major force in Europe.  It controlled Iberia in addition to its Gallic territories, forcing the Vandals to continue their migration into North Africa.  However, its power began to wane in the early 500s as the Frankish kingdom became the main power in the region.  The Visigoths still controlled Hispania, but they began to suffer incursions by Moors from North Africa.  As Hispania was gradually overrun, some Visigoths migrated into the Frankish kingdom.  Others became vassals of the new Muslim rulers."