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>Costume Studies
>>618 Tang general
Subject: general
Culture: Sui-Tang Chinese
Setting: imperial warfare, China/Korea/Central Asia late 6th-7thc


* Ranitsch & McBride 1995 p3
"The time of the Tang dynasty (618 AD.-907 AD.) is regarded as a golden age in China's long history.  Especially during the first half of the dynasty, China was the great power of East Asia.  Its population of 50 million made it the most populous state in the world.  It ruled over a territory stretching from Afghanistan to Korea, from Vietnam to Mongolia.  Its pre-eminence was felt from Java to Japan.  It entertained diplomatic relations with Byzantium, Sassanid Persia, and the Arab Caliphate.
"This could not have been possible without an effective army.  It served to establish the dynasty, it protected China from external foes and advanced its frontiers far and wide, but it also became the source of many of the troubles which plaged the later part of the Tang dynasty."