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>>532 Sassanid savar
Subjectsavar knight
Culture: Sassanid Persian
Setting: Byzantine, Arab wars, 532-651
Objectakinakes sword

* Metropolitan Museum of Art
"Sword and scabbard
Blade: iron  
Scabbard and hilt: gold over wood, set with garnets and glass paste  
Guard: gilded bronze
Northwestern Iran (?)  
Sasanian period, 
7th century A.D. ...
The iron sword with a gold-covered wooden scabbard, having P-shaped attachments for suspension from a belt, is a type adopted from Central Asian peoples.  The scabbard is stamped with a pattern of overlapping feathers."

"Short sword and scabbard
Blade: iron  
Scabbard and hilt: silver
Sasanian period, 
6th-7th century A.D." .