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>>363 Sassanid fursan
Subject: fursan cavalry
Culture: Sassanid Persian
Setting: early Sassanid empire 3-5thC
Evolution525BC Achaemenid huvaka > ... > 53 Parthian cavalry > 363 Sassanid fursan

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)



* Richard 2015 p6
"The Sassanids continued the Parthian military system, with changes in emphasis: armoured knights (fursan) became more important and numerous, and infantry (rijjala) became more significant too.  In a 6th-century review of Khusrau Anushirvan's army (jund), 'Each knight was to have horse armour (tajfaf), mail armour (dir'), a lamellar coat (jawshan), leg defences (saq), a sword (saif), a lance (rumh), a shield (turs), either an axe (tabarzin) or a mace ('amud), a bowcase with two bows and their strings, thirty arrows and two extra bowstrings which the knight should attach to the rear of his helmet.'"