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>>249 Roman eques illyricianus

Subjecteques illyricianus 'Illyrian' cavalryman
Culture: Roman
Setting: late Roman empire 3rd-4thc 
Evolution: ... 21 Roman eques > 249 Roman eques illyricianus

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* Bennett 2007 p159
"Illyriciani (or eques illyriciani)  troopers of the late Roman cavalry reserve.  Formed by the emperor Gallienus in the 3rd century and based at strategic locations in northern Italy, Greece, and the Balkans, they provided a fast-moving reserve that could deploy quickly to trouble spots.  The name is derived from the province of Illyricum (former modern Yugoslavia) from where a significant portion of the soldiers were recruited.
    "These units were instrumental in the restoration of order and stability by the Illyrian emperors (Claudius, Aurelian, Probus, Carus, and Diocletian).  However, in the relative calm of Diocletian's reign (284-305) the bulk of the Illyriciani were distributed along the eastern frontiers and never regained their former status."