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>Costume Studies
>>1968 Dani kain
Subjectkain chief
Culture: (n)Dani
Setting: tribal warfare, Irian Jaya highlands mid-20thc
Object: ornaments > sue lare whisk

* Tropenmuseum > Nieuw-Guinea
"Rituele kwast van een oorlogsleider
Veren, plantaardige vezels.  
Dani (volk), Centraal Bergland, Papoea, Indonesië.  
20ste eeuw."

* Tarrant County College Northeast > Bell Library 

* Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology > Pacific Islands Hall
"Whisk (sue lare)  
New Guinea, Dani, received from Boksu
The Dani recognize a symbolic association between humans and birds.  The feathers of parrots, herons, cockatoos, cassowaries, and several species of birds-of-paradise are used to decorate a wide variety of objects, particularly those associated with ritual and war."  ...