Forensic Fashion
(c) 2006-present R. Macaraeg


>Costume Studies
>>1938 Iatmul warrior
Subject: warrior
Culture: Iatmul
Setting: tribal warfare, Sepik 19-20thc
Object: ornaments 




* Bateson 1958 p46 n1
"Tambointsha are tassels of feathers tied to string.  They are symbols of successful homicide and worn on the lime stick as a tally of the owner's successful kills.  A kill may be scored for homicide achieved by means of ndjambwia, but not for homicides achieved by other magical techniques."

* Silverman 2001 p58
"[T]he mai is surrounded, like a male Medusa, with tassels called tambointsha. These long insignia, which swing to and fro, were awarded after victorious homicides and head-hunting raids."