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>>1921 Moplah rebel
Culture: Moplah/Mappilla, Coorg
Setting: rebellions, Malabar Coast 19th - early 20thc
Objectadya katti/ayda kattiayudha katti/kodunga katti, vechevoral sickle swords

Valiant Co. *
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​* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Sword (adya katti)  Indian, Curg, 18th century
The adya katti has a forward-curved blade, and is used for clearing jungle as well as for fighting.  This one has an unusual hilt with a knucklebow."
​*Sword (adya katti)  South Indian, Curg, 19th century
This is a typical adya katti, with a monstrous, forward-curved blade and a horn hilt with a large, kite-shaped pommel.  Adya katti were carried by Curgs slung on the back, while the pichangatti was suspended by the belt at the front."  ...

​Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
"Chopper (vechevoral)  Indian, Curg, 19th century  This magnificent weapon has a hilt of ivory and wood,
 and a wicked, forward-curved chopping blade lavishly decorated with silver and gilt-brass onlay." ...