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>>1885 Mahdist nasir
Subject: ناصر nāṣir 'helper' cavalry
Culture: Sudanese
Setting: Mahdist states, 1880s-1910s
Objectkaskara sword
​Higgins Armory Museum > Scimitars to Samurai: Arms around the World *
"Kaskara (sword) with scabbard, 1800s  Sudanic region, northern Africa
Steel; iron; wood; crocodile skin; leather; scabbard: tooled leather; fabric; brass; iron Weight: 1 lb. 14 oz. (sword only)" ...

Museo Nacional de Antropología > Africa *
"Espada.  Tuareg.  [SIC]  Sahara Occidental." [SIC]

Higgins Armory Museum *

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* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"​Sword (kaskara)  Sudanese, 19th century  
The typical sword of the eastern Sahara was the kaskara.  With its cross-shaped guard and straight, double-edged blade, the kaskara has often been mistaken for the European medieval sword.  Kaskaras frequently incorporate imported European blades."

​* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Sword (kaskara Sudanese, Darfur, dated 1898/9  
The finest kaskara were made for the Sultan 'Ali Dinar or Darfur (1898-1916).  This example has a 17th century Italian blade.  The inscriptions on the blade record that it was made for 'Ali Dinar, and passed to his son, 'Abd al-Rahman, in 1909/10." ...

Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
"Swords (kaskara)  Sudanese, Darfur, 19th century
  Both of these swords have silver mounted hilts decorated with the embossed work of the swordsmiths of Darfur."