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>Costume Studies
>>1885 Mahdist nasir
Subject: ناصر nāṣir 'helper' cavalry
Culture: Sudanese
Setting: Mahdist states, 1880s-1910s
Object: armor = helmet, mail, jibbeh quilted coat

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* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Fabric coat (jibbah) and helmet
Sudanese, 19th century
Armour was worn exclusively by cavalry in the Saharan armies, and usually took the form of a quilted coat,
 sometimes supplemented by a mail shirt worn over the top."

​Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
  Sudanese, 19th century
   The helmet, with its spun skull and aventail of split rings,
 is a European import, probably destined originally for the guards of the Egyptian Khedive Tawfiq." ...

​* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Helmet  Sudanese, 19th century  Later Sudanese armour production imitated the 
style of the largely Mamluk material that survived from an earlier period in armouries."

* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Helmet  Mamluk Egyptian, 16th century  This is a good example of a three-hundred-year-old helmet remounted for use in 
the Sudan in the late 19th century.  Armour was very valuable in the Saharan region, and was worn only by elite cavalrymen."