Forensic Fashion
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>>1884 Bald Knobber
SubjectBald Knobber vigilante
Culture: Anglo-American
Setting: Missouri Ozarks 1883-1890
Evolution1854 Kansas Jayhawker > 1884 Bald Knobber

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)


​* Hartman/Ingenthorn 1988 pii
"The Christian County Bald Knobbers wore hideous masks ..., although the vigilantes of Taney County did not. Wives made the hoods from black material, usually cambric, and fashioned pointed ears from cones of cork or wood. With white or red yarn, they outlined the eyes, notes, and mouth, and sometimes appliqued white material to form a beard and decorate the ears. Tassels decorated the points of the ears."