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>>1883 Yucatec rebelde
Subjectrebelde rebel
Culture: Yucatec Mayan
Setting: Caste War, Yucatan mid 19th-early 20thc
Evolution730 Late Classic Maya sahal 1194 Early PostClassic Maya batab  1697 Yucatec Mayan holkan > 1883 Yucatec Mayan rebelde

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)

* Reed 2001 pvii (Howard F Cline, "Foreword" pvii-viii)
​"The war of the castes in Yucatan is one of the least known most colorful episodes in Mexican history.  Indeed, if told offhand that as recently as 1848 the descendants of the ancient Maya, after centuries of subjugation, fought their way across the peninsula of Yucatan and came within a hair's breadth of driving their white masters into the sea, one might suspect a literary hoax.  But this is what happened.  Yucatecan patriots, Mexican generals, and even American mercenaries, facing what we now call guerrilla tactics, simply gave up hope of winning total victory.  Despite huge losses in action, recurrent famine, and the ravages of cholera, the rebels held control of the jungles of eastern Yucatan for the rest of the century.  Occasional raids brought them food, guns, alcohol, and prisoners -- white men and women who ended their days as slaves in Maya villages.  And, beginning with the cult of the Speaking Cross, which sprang up in the darkest days of the war, the Maya developed their own society, a new synthesis of the Spanish colonial and ancient Maya cultures."


* Sayer 1985 p