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>Costume Studies
>>1881 Anglo-Am. gambler
Subject: gambler as shootist/gunslinger
Culture: Western Anglo-American
Setting: American West late 19th-early 20thc.
Object: derringer pistol

* Denton County Historical Museum
"C. SHARPS PEPPERBOX DERRINGER  Model 1, made ca. 1859-1874  .22 caliber" ...
Denton County Historical Museum *
"LADIES MODEL DERRINGER  made ca. 1850-1870 by Henry Deringer, Philadelphia  single shot, .36 caliber" ...

* Denton County Historical Museum
"WILLIAMSON SINGLE SHOT DERRINGER  made ca. 1866-1870, .41 calber  David Williamson was the inventor.  It was made by Moore's Patent Fire Arms Co. and National Firearm Co. of Brooklyn, N.Y." ...
Denton County Historical Museum *
"COLT SECOND MODEL DERRINGER  made ca. 1870-1890, .41 caliber rimfire" ...
"DERRINGER  made ca. 1850-1860, single shot  .50 caliber  A copy of Henry Deringer's design" ...

* Denton County Historical Museum
"STARR PEPPERBOX DERRINGER  made ca. 1854-1860, 
Denton County Historical Museum *

* Denton County Historical Museum
"COLT FIRST MODEL DERRINGER  made ca. 1870-1880" ...
 Virginia War Museum > Fowler Gallery of Arms *
"AMERICAN ARMS CO. DOUBLE BARREL, SWIVEL BREECH POCKET PISTOL, c. 1866-1878    Serial number 803.  .41 Caliber.  Only a few thousand of this type of single action weapon are believed to have been produced.  The superimposed barrels manually rotated for loading and firing."

* Palace of Wax > Ripley's Believe It or Not!
"This gun, the first ever used by the notorious outlaw Jesse James, was found under the floor of his house in Clay County, Missouri.
"After 15 years of banditry, Jesse James was reportedly killed by his cousin Bob Ford for the $10,000 reward offered by the government of the state.  Fifty years later, in 1932, a man claiming to be Jesse James appeared in Clay County with 32 affidavits from long-time residents who swore that he was the real Jesse James!  Like the famous outlaw, the old man had a bad eye and always wore gloves.  He even drank his coffee with two parts of butter like Jesse did.  The claimant offered $5,000 to anyone who could prove he was lying, but never had to part with a cent.
"No one was able to prove the old man was not genuine, and the claimant could never produce absolute evidence to back up his claim, so to this day the question "Did Jesse James die in 1882, or not?" remains unanswered.  Believe It or Not!"

* Texas Hall of State
"DAVY CROCKETT's DERRINGER  Iron, Wood  Manufactured in Philadelphia  Circa 1830  
This Philadelphia Armory derringer features a wooden stock, iron barrel, and a percussion firing mechanism. It was captured from a Mexican soldier at the Battle of San Jacinto, reportedly having been previously taken from Davy Crockett at the Battle of the Alamo." ...

* Texas Hall of State
"PISTOL  Iron, Brass, Wood  Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo  San Antonio  Circa 1820-1840
This pistol was discovered hidden in wall [SIC] of the mission during a 1930s Works Progress Administration (WPA) restoration project." ...

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