Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>1880 Argentine gaucho
Subjectgaucho cowboy
Culture: Argentine 
Setting: South American pampas 19thc
Object: traje costume = hat, poncho shawl, chaqueta jacket, bombachas trousers, botas boots, alpagartas shoes

* Barn Swallows Collectibles
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​* Museum of the Americas
Fine example of Mapuche weaving, wool.  These ponchos are highly sought after by upper class horsemen/gauchos."

​Braided rawhide necklace with woven rawhide beads and rawhide cross.  
Mendoza, AR" ...

* Museum of the Americas
"CORBATA (necktie)
Machine loomed black and cream 'Mapuche' pattern with red border and silver tie ring.
Argentine Gaucho" ...

* Museum of the Americas
Machine loomed; 94"L x 3-1/8"w.; black and cream 'Mapuche' pattern with red border; double woven (reversible).
Argentine Gaucho" ...

* Museum of the Americas
"BOTAS BOOTS  Cuero crudo (rawhide), old  Argentine Gaucho  From bottom to top, the most typical footwear of early Gauchos were ... boots, consisting of an entire tube of seamless raw leather that ... leg and foot.  They were made with the skin of of the back legs of female donkeys, coldts or cows, with wild ... leather, or with the back legs of pumas or jaguars.  They were the preferred ones for daily rural work and many times the tip was open so that the three major toes came out to allow for a better grip in the stirrups.  Today ... ... have been replaced by alpagartas brought to Argentina by the Basques in the early 20thc.  This type of ... ... ... made of string canvas with a ... or hemp ..., still continues to be the most popular footwear in the countryside."