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>>1877 Cossack hetman

Subject: гетьман cavalry commander
Culture: Ukrainian Cossack
Setting: Russian empire 19thc

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* Filjushkin 2008 p35
"The image of a Russian Cossack was sharply imprinted in European minds after the seizure of Paris by Alexander I's troops in 1814.  Parisians were highly impressed with the uninhibited behaviour of the tall bearded men that bathed their horses in the Seine, seduced numbers of Parisian women and turned the word 'bistro' into the name for a fast-food servivce (in Russian, 'bistro' means 'quickly!').  Since that time the word 'Cossack' has been associated with freedom-loving and wild warriors from Russia, equally irresponsible in a battle, a feast or pillage."

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