Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>1871 Ifugao kadangyan
Subject: kadangyan war leader
Culture: Ifugao
Setting: tribal warfare, Luzon highlands late 19th-20thc

* Palace of Wax > Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Igorot tribesmen, a mountain tribe of the Philippine Island [SIC], carved this life-sized statue of a man from one solid piece of mahogany.  Known as the 'wild people,' the Igorot still read omens from animal sacrifices and venerate sacred tree [SIC] and mountains.  Once notorious as headhunters and merciless warriors, their savage past still makes their neighbors nervous.  Recently one Filipino newspaper warned picnickers that 'It's head-hunting time again!'"

* Museo Nacional de Antropología > Filipinas
"Tallas antropomorfas.
Cordillera de Luzón.
Siglo XIX.
En estas tallas podemos apreciar el tatuaje que los hombres se hacían en el pecho y las mujeres en los brazos."